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Hi, I’m Marty.​

Most small business owners lack a comprehensive approach to structure and scale their business. As an EMyth-Certified Business Coach and Certified Business Made Simple Coach, I use proven frameworks to guide leaders like you through designing and implementing systems to strengthen and simplify all areas of their business.

Over the past eight years I have partnered with more than one hundred small business clients to help them reach their business and personal goals

The bottom line? My clients run results-driven businesses that they love leading because their companies depend less on them. I am confident we can get the same outcomes for you.

Coaching for Every Type of Leader

“Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”

Leaders who need guidance building

It’s essential to structure your business with solid practices and thinking so that it is positioned for growth.

Leaders who need guidance developing

Effective leadership and management practices are required to strengthen your business and resolve issues that are in your way.

Leaders who need guidance growing

To scale your business, it is crucial to have your people and systems clearly defined and working together to produce repeatable results

Build a Business That Works

Coaching Services with a Certified Business Made Simple & EMyth-Certified Business Coach

  • Business Made Simple Coaching
    Helping all leaders who want a plan to grow their business and become a more confident professional by leveraging the BMSU online platform and materials.
  • EMyth Business Coaching
    Helping owner-operators systematize their business end-to-end using the EMyth Seven Essential Systems Model & Proprietary Roadmap.
  • Group Coaching
    Helping you by coaching and facilitated discussions with the benefit of learning from like-minded peers facing similar challenges.

What Is Business Made Simple?

Business Made Simple University has everything you need to grow your business all in one place. And for a fraction of the cost of other development tools. It starts with a series of on-demand courses in the areas of leadership, productivity, communication, messaging, marketing, proposals, negotiation, and emotional IQ. More courses are on the way. A Business Made Simple Coach is trained to guide you or your team through each of these frameworks.

Get a Customized Plan to Optimize Your Small Business

You need a plan to grow your small business. Take the 10-minute assessment, and you’ll get a FREE, customized plan that will optimize your small business, so it generates more revenue and profit.

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Let’s Imagine What Life Might Look Like with the Right Coach Helping You

Follow an Approach

Use proven frameworks to maximize the results you seek.

Gain Outside Insights

That comes from working with a coach who has the experience, perspective and has seen it all.

Balance the Demands

Work on your business, prioritize and resolve issues that are in your way.

Simplify Your Business

Make it less dependent on you by learning how to structure, strengthen and scale.

Become a Better Leader

Improve your leadership and management skills

Enjoy Your Life

Reach your business and personal goals. 

Let’s Do This

Schedule a Call

I will listen to you. You’ll receive insights based on a short assessment. We can determine if there is a fit in working together.

Work ON It

With a customized plan using proven frameworks and guidance to structure and strengthen each area of your business.


I help you scale and simplify your business so that it is positioned for growth and less dependent on you.

Let’s Simplify Your Business

Too many business owners are so busy working in their business that they never get around to working on their business.

So many owner-operators I talk to feel like they have hit a wall. Many know what they want but do not know how to get there. They are lacking consistent results. They are not attracting the right customers. They find it hard to find and keep good people. Many don’t have anyone they can talk to or confide in.

Without their direct involvement, their business does not move forward. It is dependent on them – which is exhausting. Their personal lives and relationships often suffer as a result. In my experience, leading a business is not easy, but it does not need to feel complex. Let’s simplify it.

Let’s figure out where you want to take your business. Let’s address the fact that you lack a comprehensive approach to structure and strengthen your business and create and plan to do so. Let’s address systems that are missing or not working. Let’s identify, clarify and solve your issues. Let’s refine & optimize the way things are with proven frameworks so your business can scale.

Everything I do is designed to help you:

  • Gain perspective & knowledge by working on your business
  • Focus and execute on your priorities 
  • Be a better leader and manager
  • Overcome your biggest challenges
  • Create a high-performance organization
  • Build a results-driven business that you love leading

And, ultimately, simplify everything so that your business is positioned for growth and is less dependent on you.

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